Cloud Server Hosting

More companies than ever before are turning to application hosting to manage their IT infrastructure. But, with so many options currently available in the marketplace, how do you know which one to choose?

Application Hosting

We offer you an alternative to managing your computer systems. We eliminate all the costs, responsibilities and headache that come with buying, setting up, updating and managing your IT infrastructure. You will never have to worry about outdated hardware, system performance, server downtime, restoring from a backup, damage caused by a virus, or protecting your data from computer hackers.

SOS provides a secure accommodation for hosting all your software applications. With all-inclusive application service and maintenance, and comprehensive e-business integration, your company will enjoy the benefits of smooth technology at a small monthly cost. Our one-stop total application service provider approach, provides round-the clock maintenance that includes guaranteed monitoring of your system elements by specially trained technicians, day and night, 365 days a year, and the application management for all hosted software, tweaking for maximum system performance and monitoring for high availability.

You can directly access your own protected server any time of day, anywhere in the world. When accessing your server, you do so with the peace of mind that your data is safe, secure and current.

Our commitment to quality and care allows our clients to focus their time and resources on running their businesses, we worry about maintaining their software.


SOS has invested heavily in its facilities and network infrastructure. The data center infrastructure consists of two major components – duplication of servers and data and 2 high-speed internet backbones.

We have duplication of terminal servers and data servers. This means if one of our servers goes down, in a very short period of time we will have your organization back up and running on one of our other servers. The same applies to the data server.

We also have 2 high speed internet providers, so if one goes down we can very quickly switch over to the 2nd provider connection.

Data Storage

Fully managed backup and restore processes conducted on-site at our internet data center locations. Once a week your mission-critical data will be completely backed up and stored off site on a 6 week rotation. Six times a week, your data will be incrementally backed up. After each 2 week period, each incremental tape will be overwritten.

SOS will verify that the backups have successfully completed the backup processes. Reporting of backup and restore process will be made available upon request. Request for a CD backup of your data is available at anytime for a fee of $150.00

Ability to add new files names, files systems and applications directories for backup. As your backup requirements grow, adjust your services to ensure new data is also backed up regularly.

Customers will be allowed 2 restores per month. Additional restores will be billed at $150 per event. To the extent that a restore is necessitated by an action caused by us (SOS) then no charge will apply and count will be charged against your allotted 2 restores.


Firewalls are an indispensable element of any web security implementation. The firewall intercepts all traffic entering your sites and uses a set of sophisticated rules to weed out potentially harmful access. Thus, the system provided a front gate to protect against malicious entrants.

24X7 Firewall protection

Firewall service using leading software and hardware platforms to protect your network and network assets from hostile attacks. You will save money because you will not need to hire and train network security experts who can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars per year. Our service will also save you time and bring you peace of mind as our security team is carefully and continuously monitoring your systems for any security breaches. The security group is certified for the firewall.

It is strongly recommended that you have a smaller version of the firewall at each of your locations to ensure the strongest security possible and VPN’s can be created.

VPN’s will ensure tighter security a stronger connection, better printing functionality.

Microsoft Exchange

If you own Microsoft Office we can host your mail using Microsoft Exchange.


If your company uses Blackberries we can host your blackberry mail forwarding.

Spam Filters

Barracuda (One of the world leaders in Spam filtering)